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Many small to medium businesses do not strategically plan as their owners are not in pursuit of profit or growth strategies, rather they see their business as a goal of personal fulfilment.

Concept Accounts "Plus" service helps businesses with their strategic planning process.

Typical barriers to strategic planning include:

  • Time poor,
  • Inexperience,
  • Lacking the understanding of financials,
  • Unfamiliarity with planning processes,
  • Poor systems or no systems in place,
  • Hesitation to share and discuss ideas.

Each business must regularly review its own strategy, markets, products and services. Strategic planning is a continual process of assessing and re assessing, planning and implementing actions to adapt and grow your business.  Each review performed by Concept Accounts Plus reflects the fundamentals of the business’ performance. It is comprehensive and focused and above all, it lends itself to an easily understood plan and a series of actions.

To understand whether Concept Accounts Plus can assist in your strategic planning aspirations, a no obligation free assessment is conducted during a meet and greet where we can discuss your needs, goals and your strategic direction. Two things will come out of this meeting, whether we can work together and whether there is a value add proposition Concept Accounts Plus may offer.

Concept Accounts Plus services include:

  • Strategic planning to achieve goals;
  • Identifying and eliminating waste, streamlining procedures & processes;
  • Identifying key benchmarks;
  • Identifying sustainable competitive advantage;
  • Target marketing;
  • Brainstorming ideas into action plans and performance measurement techniques;
  • Mentoring and sounding board;
  • Budgeting and forecasting including full cash flow effects;
  • Competitor  analysis reporting;
  • Product costing analysis;
  • Policy and procedure manuals;
  • Breakeven analysis;
  • Due diligence;
  • Staff recruitment and retention;
  • Full CFO outsourcing.

Concept Accounts Plus’ offering is to assist small to medium sized businesses identify their sustainable competitive advantage, manage change and ensure the correct fiscal disciplines are in place to accommodate and support growth.

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